Trash and Recycling

items for trash and recycling

Basic Information


Springfield Township’s trash hauler is Penn Waste.

Please go to for more information or call (717) 767-4456.

To stay up to date on collection updates, go to to sign up for their E-News Updates.

Helpful Guidelines From Penn Waste Website

Place waste curbside by 6:30 AM.


Containers may not exceed 60 lbs.

Large items that are too heavy to be lifted by two people will not be accepted.

Call Penn Waste to schedule removal of appliances with Freon.

No construction debris will be collected curbside.

DO NOT place hazardous waste of any type, such as insecticides or pesticides, as part of your weekly waste removal services.


In Pennsylvania, certain electronics are restricted by law from being disposed of in the trash due to the toxic metals they contain. This includes the following “covered devices”

Please contact the York County Solid Waste Authority at (717) 845-1066 or go to for more information.


Computer Peripherals (keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.)

Computer Monitors